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Violent Python Chapter #1 Final

And that’s all for the chapter #1! The last exercise was quite easy after the ones before. It is a Zip File cracker. It uses a dictionary attack, hope you like it. # Violent Python # Chapter #1 # Exercise #3 Zip file cracker # By: Marin Alcaraz import zipfile import sys def decrypt_file(filename): zFile […]

Violent Python Chapter #1 Part 2

I’ve finished the second exercise from the Chapter #1 “The cuckoo’s egg” it’s a password decrypter. It uses dictionary method and sha512. Here’s the code: # # Violent Python Chapter #1 # The Cuckoo’s Egg: a simple password decrypter # By: Marin Alcaraz # import crypt import hashlib def testPass(cryptPass): salt = cryptPass[0:2] dictFile = […]

Violent Python Chapter #1 Part 1

Violent Python Chapter #1 I’ll try to post a little brief about violent python chapters here. This is the first part of chapter #1. As any Python book “Violent Python” starts with the basic Python stuff, a quick review to the well known basics: variables, data types, control flow, etc… The difference with this book […]

Django-Vim code autocomplete

Recently I came back on Django development and after a year my own set of coding tools had changed a lot, mainly because Vim became my main text editor. On this came back many of my friends suggested PyCharm as the right tool to use (I’m working as Django developer) but I just can’t work […]