Connect to Airport Extreme Shared Disk from Linux

by Marín

Recently I bought an Apple Airport Extreme to improve my house WiFi network, the result was remarkable, my old access point signal wasn’t able to reach all rooms on the house but the Airport Extreme performed very well on this task.

Anyway, as you know, you are allowed to share a hard drive using the network created by the Airport, and since one of my computers runs only Linux (on #! flavor) I decided to modify my fstab file in order to auto mount my Airport shared drive and access to it on this Linux box.

The process is quite simple:

marin@Corsair$> sudo mkdir /media/airport
marin@Corsair$> sudo vim /etc/fstab

Add the following information at the end of that file (in one line):

/media/airport/ cifs auto,

And then auto mount your new fstab entry using:

marin@Corsair$> sudo mount -a

That’s all!