About me

Hola! I’m Marín. I love pushing myself to that awkward edge of  what I can and can’t do so I get to learn something new.

I work as a Full Stack Software Engineer at Wootric. A “software as a service” company with amazing values. Oakland is my home now.

My passions are diverse and I love cultivating new ones. Right now most of my time is devoted to: learn how to dance, bread baking and  racing (swim/bike/run) competitively

I re-activated this blog with the desire of using it as a compendium of my ideas, travels and experiments. This time instead of just posting sporadic algorithms I’ll bring a broader amount of content. All pointed towards one concept: Free Humans. 

What does Free Humans mean? I think about a free human as someone who’s loving, caring, empathetic and doesn’t just accept the conventional norms as a rule. She/he must have the curiosity and desire to challenge the status quo. Makers of a better world. 

I dream of an institution that focuses all its resources in the formation of Free Humans. One day, I would like to be part of it. But until then, I’ll drop all my thoughts regarding this onto this blog.

If this is sounds interesting to you send me an email! I would love to hear what you think! or perhaps we can start that institution!

Bye! Adios! Au revoir!

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