On giving

The concept of giving/sharing seems so simple: you give, you share, you understand, you listen. That’s it. I’m sharing, right? I wasn’t totally off the path but there’s something really tender about this that I was ignoring: authenticity. It’s not that I was being fake on giving but I rarely paused to appreciate it. Sharing […]

Violent Python Chapter #1 Part 2

I’ve finished the second exercise from Violent Python’s Chapter #1 “The cuckoo’s egg”, it is a password decrypter. Here’s the code: # # Violent Python Chapter #1 # The Cuckoo’s Egg: a simple password decrypter # By: Marin Alcaraz # import crypt import hashlib def testPass(cryptPass): salt = cryptPass[0:2] dictFile = open(‘dictionary.txt’, ‘r’) for word […]