On giving

The concept of giving/sharing seems so simple: you give, you share, you understand, you listen. That’s it. I’m sharing, right?

I wasn’t totally off the path but there’s something really tender about this that I was ignoring: authenticity. It’s not that I was being fake on giving but I rarely paused to appreciate it. Sharing food, a song, a compliment, time. Those are all everyday things and I could barely see joy out of them since “they happen every day, what’s so special about them?”

But then I paused and decided to experience, and from a simple thing came a substantial amount of vitality. My heart became full of joy. I can throw my heart into an activity and give it away without expectations. I put my heart into “this” and I’m giving it away because I care about you, I want to share this love with you.

I’m writing this because I found this note in one of my old notebooks and it clicked more than ever before. I can’t claim that I wrote it but it wasn’t quoted either so let’s attribute it to the universe. Here it is:

Give love without fear of heartbreak

Give time without fear of losing sleep

Give food without fear of hunger

Give without limit so joy brings more joy

Give with an open hear and you’ll start to build a suble legacy withoutt a name but that will transform your life and the life of those who sorround you.


Da amor sin miedo a estrellarte

Da tiempo sin miedo a desvelarte

Da comida sin miedo a pasar hambre

Da sin medida para que la prosperidad traiga más prosperidad

Es así la forma en la que construímos un legado que no llevará nuestro nombre pero que cambiará nuestra vida y la de los que nos rodean.

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