Hello! I’m Marín Alcaraz. I work as a Senior Software Engineer for Twilio - Segment.

I studied Computer Systems Engineering at ITESM with a brief, but awesome stint at EPITECH.

After, college I went to the Recurse Center and had the time of my life building cool software projects, like a Dropbox clone or my own ad-blocker.

I moved to The Bay Area in 2015 to join Wootric as their 2nd hire. I worked there as a Software Engineer until the company was acquired in 2020.

I’m passionate about Infrastructure, Information Security, Ruby, and TypeScript.

When I’m away from my keyboard you can find me singing, dancing Rueda de Casino, or riding my bike. I dream of riding the Baja Divide one day.

About the blog

The blog engine is Hugo and the theme was made by panr and modified by me. Original theme available here. Hosted in GitHub using GitHub Pages.